In a world full of diverse challenges, crisis and disaster, ‘Dolapo has been able to carve a niche for herself as someone who is able to proffer solutions to crisis, challenges in organisations and solve problems of diverse range. The word “resilespur” being a fusion of “resile” from the word resilience and “Spur” are the most suitable words that best describe dolapo as the person who can help individuals, organisations and communities spring back, structure and stimulate good outcomes.

“Dolas” as she is popularly known works with individuals, groups, emergency organisations to provide solutions to crisis and build resilience in communities across west midlands generating unprecedented results in the last two years. Dolapo has been able to contribute significantly in three major areas although she is known to be extremely result-driven in other risk-driven situation, emergency management and in project management, she has however been able to make an indelible contribution in:


Perhaps one of the ways some organisations view me can be described through the comment made by volunteering and employability after winning the England Gold award in 2011 as being;

A rare person who has a mixture of enthusiasm, confidence and a real sense of destiny in what she does. When dolapo talks about her work, we think of Gandhi’s famous quote:

You must be the change you want to see in the world.

For more about my work and details of some of my awards, qualifications and experience, please browse through my entire website.

…developing resilience

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