The recommendations of Resilespur Community Forum in emergency and crisis management, humanitarian logistics and projects facilitation are outlined in projects and activities with the following organisations and agencies.

Crisis and Emergency Management

Humanitarian and Charity Operations

Community Interest Projects


Coventry, Solihull & Warwickshire (CSW) Resilience Team

‘Dolapo’s work as an individual with the CSW partnership, involved reviewing and recommending a personal resilience measure which can help individuals and communities within Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire improve their level of preparedness for emergencies, plan for response and evacuation (if required). Her role involved working in close partnership with the CSW Emergency Planning Officer, the British Red Cross emergency planning and training officer to provide best practice and suitable approach to communicate emergency planning and personal resilience building in Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire.

West Midlands Fire service

As a Community Safety Instructor and Volunteer with West Midlands Fire Service, Dolapo have been able to filter into several projects with the organisation besides delivering safety and first aid training to communities, schools and organisations in West Midlands.

She has also been strategic in developing and coordinating a vulnerable people’s project in Coventry along with three other WMFS community volunteers and Staffs. This special project (first in the UK) involved identifying vulnerable people in low risk areas. These are areas which would have been otherwise classified as capable of accessing appropriate preventive measures from incidents and fatalities. The results of this project have informed other cities in the UK into adopting the project strategies. She also supports firemen and participate in simulation live exercise to test contingency plans, response approach to complex incidents, road transport causalities exercises etc. As Resilespur Community Forum, she is exploring incident and crisis prevention measures in countries in Africa and Asia in partnership with WMFS and promoting the safety education project.

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British Red Cross

The British Red Cross for Staffordshire, Warwickshire and West Midlands responds to a wide range of incidents. They are also the contingency arrangement for West Midlands ambulance in addition to providing first aid at several events. BRC also deliver trainings, support and test emergency plans amongst other humanitarian services all across this specified area and beyond (if need be). Although as a trained first aider, ‘Dolapo have been more keenly involved in simulation exercises which provide scenarios for incidents or emergencies. These simulation exercises help to test emergency plans, response logistics and operational plans made by emergency agencies and local authorities such as Birmingham Resilience & emergency planning response, NHS Trust (Sandwell, West Birmingham, and George Elliot hospitals), London fire brigade, West Midlands Fire Service to mention a few. Her role entails observing and being casualty who provides information, feedbacks and reports on best practice towards improved emergency management and multi-agency response arrangements.

le people’s project in Coventry along with three other WMFS community volunteers and Staffs. This special project (first in the UK) involved identifying vulnerable people in low risk areas. Areas which otherwise would have been classified as being able to provide appropriate preventive measures from incidents and fatalities. The results of this project have informed other areas in the UK adopting the project strategies. I also get to support firemen and participate in simulation live exercise to test contingency plans, response approach to complex incidents, road transport causalities exercises etc.


Oxfam international

For Oxfam international, ‘Dolapo in partnership with a group of people organised an “oxjam” event; which is an annual month-long music festival by Oxfam to raise money which helps to save lives around the world. This is because Oxfam is a vibrant global movement of dedicated people fighting poverty. As such a group of people came together with ‘Dolapo’s coordination 2011 to raise funds for the East African drought. The aim of this fundraising was to use indigenous music from Africa, to raise funds which can save lives in East Africa. This was truly using local music to achieve global impact. This also inspired many into developing projects that can empower people into influencing lives in several other places in the world.

Thus understanding that emergency response involves helping people and doing it fast, swiftly delivering aid, support and protection, the “Nija Nite” crew was able to raise several hundreds of pounds through Oxjam to support emergency response and development work in East Africa and around the world. As the Team Leader and Event Organiser; delivering a quality concert and event contributed to ‘Dolapo’s recommendation to help coordinate the Arch Bishop of Canterbury’s welcome event in Coventry in 2012 with more than 700 people from diverse communities in attendance. In addition, her risk assessment expertise, communication, organisational, communication, decision-making, leadership, and interpersonal skills were highly instrumental to the success of both events and projects and so as many other events she has coordinated.

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Recycling for Relief

Recycling for relief is a project coined from one of the recommendations of ‘Dolapo’s Masters dissertation. The objective of this project at inception is to provide a network for responding to local needs while providing a business continuity plan for the third sectors, emergency/humanitarian agencies within the UK. The project has since grown into a sustainable system which now involves active participation of over a dozen charities, a couple of tertiary institutions and two hospitality franchise within West Midlands.

As the Project initiator, developer and manager, watching this project grow within short period of time, saving thousands of money, providing resources while simultaneously solving problems and managing crisis in West Midlands and abroad has become an amazing experience. The resounding success of this project is shared with everyone who has worked hard on the project especially Coventry University estate department who provided the opportunity to develop this initiative. Overtly, ‘Dolapo’s organisational, networking, communication, negotiation, management, team working, commitment, leadership, crisis/emergency management skills continue to be strategic to managing and expanding this project for the good of mankind. And as Resilespur consulting Ltd, this project is projected to be a global approach to managing humanitarian issues during and after emergencies/disasters.

University of Warwick

Similar to the “Recycling for Relief” project which has now attracted involvement of over a dozen charities in West Midlands, ‘Dolapo was one of the Team leaders of the room clearance project in University of Warwick in partnership with Oxfam. As a Team Leader, herself and members of the team organised, collected, and sorted out donations from students in the university. During this project and prior to the exercise, she was instrumental in providing options of charities to distribute donations to. In addition to this, myself and other team leaders would assign as deem fit and confirm interests of various shelter homes who could collect food and toiletries. This made a huge demand of her networking and communication skills, but made her more skilled in liaising and maintaining relationships with organisations and institutions. This platform helped to develop her creativity, customer service, communication, networking, organisational, management, multi-tasking and problem-solving skills which are all crucial to the success of Resilespur Commuity Forum.

Participating charities and NGOs include:
  1. Age UK
  2. British Heart Foundation
  3. Carriers of Hope
  4. Carriers of Hope (Int’l)
  5. Coventry Cyrenians
  6. Coventry Jesus centre
  7. Coventry Refugee & Migrant Centre
  8. Emmaus
  9. Global Care
  10. Kairos
  11. Oxfam
  12. Jubilee Christian Centre
Partnering Organisations & Institutions are:
  1. University of Warwick
  2. Coventry University
  3. Holiday Inn
  4. Ibis Hotel


Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre

As the reception Team leader and Project Coordinator support for training provided by the advice and advocacy department at the Coventry refugee and migrant centre, my voluntary work involved managing varieties of challenges for clients. I also liaised with statutory and other voluntary organisations to ensure adequate access to information and services for clients while representing the centre at several meetings across west midlands. My role and that of other volunteers also entails being regularly abreast of asylum immigration policies and requirement to help provide relevant support and service to clients of the centre. In order to function effectively, my communication, leadership, analytical, team working, time management, strategic thinking and crisis management, skills were all essential.

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Voluntary Action Coventry

Being the Project Facilitator of community-based champions’ project in Voluntary Action Coventry (VAC) for six months in 2011 was eventful, result-driven and instrumental to bridging the gap between mainstream services and migrant, new and ethnic minority communities in Coventry city. While facilitating this project, my role involved coaching, developing and mentoring people from different backgrounds, religious orientation and forums. My role also entails displaying strong understanding of communities and incorporating the CBC goals, organisation’s strategic direction and project-related engagements. I also had to deliver training, initiate entrepreneurial projects and other professional methods as the project facilitator for the community-based champions’ project. All these activities improved my people management, communication, organisational, team working, crisis management, coaching and multi-tasking skills.

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Oxfam, Coventry

Oxfam works with other to fight poverty and overcome suffering and this continues to be the underlining motivation as the Activist and Chair of Oxfam campaigns in Coventry. As Oxfam “Change Activist”, I started a student group in Coventry University while simultaneously building links between Oxfam shops and Coventry University. Having amazing team members made all Oxfam campaigns and events in Coventry i.e. GROW campaign, Robin Hood tax, maternal health etc. feasible and a resounding success. My role as the activist also involved granting interviews with local Medias, meeting with MPs and proposing development and policies to the House of Commons via the MP, meeting with several policy makers and campaigning through events. The group has since grown with the support of the Oxfam regional office in Birmingham; the support which complimented the sustainable system I adopted in running campaigns and developing the Oxfam group in the university.

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Culturae Mundi, Coventry University

As the Engagement and External Relations for Culturae Mundi multi-cultural project in Coventry University but funded by the European Commission. I initiate partnership, provide synergy and maintain liaison between organisations, students (from different disciplines and nationalities) and the university. Major partnership initiated and maintained during the pilot year of the project include West Midlands fire service, Institute of community cohesion (iCoCo), cook and eat well, Voluntary action, Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship (IAE), Coventry city council, Groundwork, to mention a few. My work through this platform utilised my communication, team working, leadership, initiative, negotiation, and decision-making skills.

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Engagement directorate, NHS Coventry

My work with the engagement directorate NHS Coventry was based on conducting a research on health services for migrant communities and new communities. It also involved creating an environment to collect valid data which helped in producing a report on anchor and meridian clinic and its service to asylum seekers and refugees in the Coventry.