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Emergency Management


The recommendation of Resilespur Community Forum in emergency and crisis management, humanitarian logistics and projects facilitation are outlined in projects and activities with the following organisations and agencies.

Coventry, Solihull & Warwickshire (CSW) Resilience Team

‘Dolapo’s work as an individual with the CSW partnership, involved reviewing and recommending a personal resilience measure which can help individuals and communities within Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire improve their level of preparedness for emergencies, plan for response and evacuation (if required). Her role involved working in close partnership with the CSW Emergency Planning Officer, the British Red Cross emergency planning and training officer to provide best practice and suitable approach to communicate emergency planning and personal resilience building in Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire.

West Midlands Fire service

As a Community Safety Instructor and Volunteer with West Midlands Fire Service, Dolapo have been able to filter into several projects with the organisation besides delivering safety and first aid training to communities, schools and organisations in West Midlands.

She has also been strategic in developing and coordinating a vulnerable people’s project in Coventry along with three other WMFS community volunteers and Staffs. This special project (first in the UK) involved identifying vulnerable people in low risk areas. These are areas which would have been otherwise classified as capable of accessing appropriate preventive measures from incidents and fatalities. The results of this project have informed other cities in the UK into adopting the project strategies.  She also supports firemen and participate in simulation live exercise to test contingency plans, response approach to complex incidents, road transport causalities exercises etc. As Resilespur Community Forum, she is exploring incident and crisis prevention measures in countries in Africa and Asia in partnership with WMFS and promoting the safety education project.

For more about WMFS, visit – http://www.wmfs.net/

British Red Cross

The British Red Cross for Staffordshire, Warwickshire and West Midlands responds to a wide range of incidents. They are also the contingency arrangement for West Midlands ambulance in addition to providing first aid at several events. BRC also deliver trainings, support and test emergency plans amongst other humanitarian services all across this specified area and beyond (if need be). Although as a trained first aider, ‘Dolapo have been more keenly involved in simulation exercises which provide scenarios for incidents or emergencies. These simulation exercises help to test emergency plans, response logistics and operational plans made by emergency agencies and local authorities such as Birmingham Resilience & emergency planning response, NHS Trust (Sandwell, West Birmingham, and George Elliot hospitals), London fire brigade, West Midlands Fire Service to mention a few. Her role entails observing and being casualty who provides information, feedbacks and reports on best practice towards improved emergency management and multi-agency response arrangements.